Squibreeze gameplay: Pogo jumps

One of the main moves for Squibreeze: pogo jumps! Now he can do that endlessly! Simply hold down when you are in the air to perform this simple move and reach higher places. We are now working on some little bugfixes on this but it's no big deal. Stay tuned for more soon :)

Squibreeze gameplay: Wonder stumps

Here is some gameplay news about our game Squibreeze. Recently, we coded wonder stumps mechanic. Our character can be thrown in the air by focusing on those stumps and so reach high areas. You can see by yourself.

News from nowhere

Thanks to the second COVID-19 lockdown here in France, I can spend time to the development of Squibreeze and another friend's project simply called 'Project Tree'. As for Squibreeze, I just upgraded to the new Monogame Framework version 3.8 and have .NET core easy dependencies management. Yes I know this is very tech but I can assure you it will be easier to port the game on a bunch of platforms later...

Our website is finally here again!

After several years, is06 team is really happy to be back to share with you theirs projects. The most important one is Squibreeze, a Duck Tales like platformer we are working on for more than 2 months now. It's pretty advanced because we kept in mind to have a playable prototype quicky and packed with an easy level editor like Mario Maker! Keep up to date with this new website and on social networks below.